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Randstad renews contract for three years


We have renewed our contract with Randstad Group Netherlands for an additional three years to continue supporting over 60 Randstad branches with digital signage, content creation and management services.   Randstad is the number one recruitment agency in the world and plays an important part in helping people find a job and shape their careers. With the rise of the internet

A world of possibilities with dynamic data

Dynamic digital signage is when real-time insights and live data are incorporated into digital content.   Instead of pre-rendered video, integrating a dynamic element to your content offering allows you to be responsive to market conditions, offer the best prices or share up-to-date information, such as news, weather reports or live feeds from a destination.   Jørn Olsen, Head of marketing and analytics at ZetaDisplay Norway

A sustainable future


We are on a mission to improve our position as a sustainable company, including reducing our already relatively low carbon footprint even further.   As a leading European player, it is our responsibility to lead the way by addressing sustainability issues in a structured and purposeful manner, and to develop a framework that can be used as a template for other industry companies.  

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